The Power of People

Bitpower is a community-driven project focused on establishing long-term values in the market and developing products supporting the mainstream adoption of digital currencies and empowering people to share experiences. These services are either utilizing BPP as a reward or participation asset within the platform or burning it through their operating structure.

In the age of growing industries and shifting economies, we are still facing issues with receiving and sending payments, smoothly interacting with each other, monetizing our skills and talents, launching small businesses, etc. As our brand grows, we expand our reach and additional development teams form in our community, we hope that more services and partnerships will be established within our ecosystem and more products will be launched in various industries tackling the aforementioned industries - creating utility for our tokens, bringing new products to the market and shaping the world around us.

Token burning structure in place

1500 ETH permanently locked on Uniswap for liquidity

Smart contract created and managed by LID DAO

No team tokens or minting mechanisms


Bitpayer: The Resurrection

Bitpayer brand launched as a mobile application, enabling users in Africa to purchase and trade Bitcoin. Since the shutdown of our app and DEX, we have focused on the education of users. To establish an international presence and use that exposure to generate resources we can invest in creating opportunities for people to transact and launch businesses in developing countries, we have decided to expand on our vision, merge with the BPP ecosystem to form BitAlliance and let the global community lead us forward.

Why now?

After facing certain difficulties in the initial phases of development, from making wrong hiring choices to having issues with team members who were making unethical operational and promotional decisions (e.g. publishing copyrighted materials) that seriously hurt our brand and reputation, with the support of our community and advisers, we kept moving forward and now we are ready to make a positive impact and empower innovative people.

Global Community

Uniting people across the globe sharing a common interest in using blockchain technology to improve old systems and bring prosperity to developing regions.


Working together on protecting the community, building cool products, and educating people about the risks and benefits of the digital economy.

Fostering Innovation

Incentivizing others and helping them turn ideas into reality, make a positive impact and enable other members of our community to grow and achieve their goals.

Presenting TABULA a platform where users can collectively request content and exclusive events from content creators.

In the age of multiple media platforms, the best way to compete is to create new opportunities for content consumption.
The future of media is community-driven and personalized.

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Helping audience shape the creativity of their favorite content creators.


Introducing BPP/BPT DevGrants

In addition to 22% of the BPP token supply allocated to growth and development and future revenue generated by our products, BPT has allocated 500M tokens to DevGrants that will be given to teams and individuals building products utilizing our tokens or creating value for our ecosystem.

Growth of the Ecosystem
Bigger userbase with more utility
Expansion to new markets
Right path towards decentralization

Bitpayer (BPT)
Tokenomics and Allocation

1.1 billion tokens are already in circulation and held by existing BPT community. The rest of the tokens will be allocated as follows:

6.89 billion (85.9%) ALLOCATED TO BITALLIANCE
5 billion (62.5%) WILL BE BURNED


In this section, you can find some of our published materials such as whitepapers, one-pagers, presentations or agreements.

Whitepaper (Bitpower)(PDF)
Litepaper (Bitpayer)(PDF)
Summary (TABULA)(PDF)
Token agreement(PDF)


The roadmap includes all the key development events. Projects developed or launched by other developers that might be joining the community in 2021. are not included on the timeline.

Members of the Ecosystem

Here are highlighted projects and products from our ecosystem.


You can always contact us via e-mail ( or join our Telegram channel to discuss any concerns, ideas or opportunities. Here are a few questions that our community often asks us.

What do your tokens do?

Please do your research and read our documentation to learn more about us and our mission. While we are planning to build various products in different industries that will be utilizing our tokens, incentivizing participation with rewards or burning them through the operating model, our true vision is building a community of people that will be working together to build cool products and bring prosperity to developing countries around the world.

Before using any of our products, third party products or services in our ecosystem, joining our community or acquiring BPP or BPT tokens, you need to check if your local regulations allow you to do so. For example, you are not allowed and should not purchase any BPP tokens or use any products that might contain features similar to betting if you are located in the United States of America, the People's Republic of China or Japan.

Bitpower is not owned by anyone. LID DAO created the smart contract and the BPP token - there is no central party that has any control over it. All the tokens were locked or permanently allocated to liquidity on Uniswap. Bitpayer is a community project originally launched by a group of people from Africa and other developing countries. With the current merger of ecosystems, both brands are shifting to a completely community-driven operating model with voting-oriented governance, encouraging people to form core teams and work on the development and growth of both ecosystems.

Always do your research and only acquire our tokens if you are interested in being part of our community, supporting our mission or using some of our products and services. Do not purchase them if you are expecting any return on the investment or profits – the tokens may hold no value in the market. Digital assets are high-risk investments.